Service Information for SUZUKI SWIFT IV (FZ, NZ) 1.2

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Are you looking for oil capacity for the   SUZUKI SWIFT IV (FZ, NZ) 1.2? Or do you want to change the engine oil in the  SUZUKI SWIFT and you don’t know what the engine oil capacity of the   SUZUKI SWIFT IV (FZ, NZ) 1.2 ?

Do you know at what time it is advisable to change the oil? Here you can find th   SUZUKI SWIFT IV (FZ, NZ) 1.2 and oil change intervals.

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Quantity and specifications – SUZUKI SWIFT IV (FZ, NZ) 1.2

Number of spark plugs / glow plugs required

Standard                                          4

Engine oil specification

Standard                               API SG | API SH | API SJ | API SL | API SM

SAE 0W-20

Refrigerant for air conditioner

Standard                                           350 – 390 gram

Refrigerant specification

Standard                                           R134a

Transmission oil specification

Standard                                          API GL4 SAE 75W-80

Gearbox oil

Standard                                          2.20 liter (s)

Automatic transmission oil specification

Standard                                          Suzuki ATF 3317     Original oil

Alternative:                                       ATF 3309

Automatic Transmission Fluid

variable amount                                          3.30 liter (s)

New gas station                                          5.80 liter (s)

Clutch fluid specification

Standard                                                      DOT 4

Clutch fluid

Standard                                                      0.00 liter (s)

Fill the clutch fluid expansion tank up to the upper mark


with manual transmission                         4.50 liter (s)

with automatic transmission                    4.40 liter (s)

Brake fluid specification

Standard                                                      DOT 4

Brake fluid when replacing

Standard                                                      1.00 liter (s)

Engine oil with filter

Standard                                                      3.10 liter (s)

Replacement frequency – SUZUKI SWIFT IV

Transmission Oil Change Interval

Standard                                                      every 45.000 km / 3 years

Super Longlife Transmission Oil             every 150.000 km / 10 years

Automatic transmission oil change interval

Standard                                                      every 165.000 km

Brake fluid change interval

Standard                                                      every 2 years

Spark plug replacement interval

Standard                                                      every 105.000 km

Engine oil and filter change interval

Standard                                                      every 15.000 km / once a year

Valve clearance adjustment mode

Standard                                                      every 30.000 km / 2 years

Car cabin filter replacement interval

Standard                                                      every 45.000 km / 3 years

Engine coolant change interval

Standard                                                      every 45.000 km / 3 years

Air filter replacement interval

Standard                                                      every 45.000 km / 3 years

Implement Belt Replacement Interval

Standard                                                      every 90,000 km / 6 years

Air conditioning compressor unit frame replacement interval

Standard                                                      every 90,000 km / 6 years

Adjustment parameters – SUZUKI SWIFT 4


Standard                                                      74.20 mm

Inner diameter of the cylinder

Standard                                                      73.00 mm

Valves per cylinder

Standard                                                      4

Valve clearance – intake valve

The engine is cold                                      0.14 – 0.23 mm

Valve Actuator Clearance – Exhaust Valve

The engine is cold                                      0.30 – 0.40 mm

Intake valve stem diameter

Standard                                                      4.965 – 4.980 mm

Exhaust valve stem diameter

Standard                                                      4.940 – 4.955 mm

Ignition order

Standard                                                                  1-3-4-2

Compression pressure

Standard                                                      10,00 – 12,50 bar

Compression ratio

Standard                                                      11,00 :1

Maximum misalignment of the cylinder head

Standard                                                      0.030 mm

Cooling system pressure (radiator cap valve opening pressure)

Standard                                                      1,23 bar

The thermostat opens at a temperature

Standard                                                      86° – 90°

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